Telluride, CO is a place where a common thread runs amongst it’s inhabitants. Whether you are an old miner from the last century, a hippie arrival from the 60’s and 70’s or a transplant to Telluride in the 90’s and beyond…. we all have one thing in common… the love of Telluride. It’s a tight knit community of individuals that share the majestic awe of these mountains we call home. Blue skies, snow covered peaks, bright sunny days that match most folks bright sunny smiles.

Once you experience Telluride it’s hard to think about any place else. Telluride is special.

Last summer I had no less than three conversations in one day- sometimes with strangers- that mentioned how happy and friendly the people here in Telluride are. And all I had to do was smile in acknowledgement.

Ahhhh….. Telluride…..

Skiing, snowboarding, biking, hiking, climbing, walking, fly-fishing, jeeping, music festivals, theater, parades, powder, smiles, blue-bird days, mountains, sunshine, snow, rainbows, shopping, farmers market, free gondola, chairlift rides, elevation, altitude, festival capital of the Rockies, bluegrass, blues, jazz, chamber music, San Miguel River, Bridal Veil Falls, Valley Floor, elk, deer, coyotes, million dollar views, x-country skiing, San Juans, trails, meadows, wild flowers, streams, history, gold, silver, mesas, valleys.

Tell Me About Telluride; Recreation, Real Estate, Community & Lifestyle.


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