Telluride- A Community of Generosity

When people ask me what is it about Telluride that has me living here for 19 years I always tell them that it’s the community that makes it so special. Before the scenic beauty, the numerous outdoor adventures, the festivals and the vibe, it’s the people that call Telluride home. Primary home, second home, part time resident or born and raised in this valley all share a common thread; they have chosen Telluride or more succinctly Telluride has chosen them.

The Telluride community is like a river; going with the flow, relatively calm water with exciting rapids interspersed and always a safe place to eddy out. People move in, people move on, but always maintain ties to Telluride.

I recently experienced the Telluride community at it’s finest. Present and past Telluriders rallied to my support during an emotionally, mentally and financially tough endeavor. My mom was dying and eventually passed away.

The loving, generous, thoughtful and compassionate friends I have saw me through this challenging time. Encouraging me to lean on them and feel comfortable about doing so was a hurdle I had to surmount. Asking for help. Sounds easy? It’s not. But once I started asking, wow, friends’ unconditional love and support poured forth.
I feel a lifetime of gratitude to my Telluride community.

Telluride is about acceptance, encouragement and engaging in life. Thank you Telluride for being the brightest star in my universe!


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